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Oil paintings, watercolors and special editions 

All available images from Herbert Lippert

Store oil on canvas - Brother Fire picture
Store oil on canvas - picture Waltz

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Oil on canvas

Store - oil on sheet - picture Lulu 3
Store - oil on sheet - picture Cardillac

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Oil on sheet

Store - watercolor on paper - picture Lulu opera
Store - oil on sheet - picture rest - winter journey

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Watercolor on paper

Store - special edition winter journey - picture inn
Store - special edition winter trip - picture spring dream

Special edition

Winter journey

If you invest in art, you can combine passion with return. But is buying a painting also a good deal? Investments in art offer an interesting alternative to real estate, stocks and bonds. Particularly in turbulent economic times, works of art have proven to be highly stable in value and can hold their own very well in comparison. If you believe the experts, stocks have increased in value by around 10 percent per year over the past 25 years, but contemporary art has increased in value by more than 13 percent per year. So art is also a profitable business.


So is an oil painting by Herbert Lippert a good investment? When I look at my sales over the last few years, I can more than confirm this development, because the average selling price of my oil paintings has already quadrupled since 2017, the year of my first major exhibition. A genuine "Lippert" is not only a universal, emotional work of art that bridges the gap between music and painting with a lot of passion, my paintings are also, in my opinion, a solid investment with good potential for appreciation. Convince yourself.

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