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My digital art

Digital Art - NFTs - Virtual Reality - 3D Art

NFT technology is on everyone's lips. Speculators are spending a fortune on digital artworks. Artists like me are hoping for new distribution channels - hype?


Yes, I am attracted by the democratic nature of NFT technology. I experience the completely new possibility of being able to offer my works directly and immediately - without detours - on the virtual marketplaces like on my own homepage. In seconds, my works are connected to auction houses and can be purchased and viewed worldwide. An ingenious global development, but one that still leaves many questions unanswered.


The magic Lippert's word "symbiosis" appears again. The symbiosis of physical AND digital art - available here. Unique!

My digital artwork

Digital Images - Cycle - The Village

Digital images - Cycle - Lulu

Digital Images - Cycle - Liszt

Digital images - cycle - waltz