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Music - My recordings as a tenor from concert halls and opera houses

My music portfolio

Find here an exquisite selection of my entire recordings with the most famous conductors and sound bodies from the most famous operas of the world - like the Vienna State Opera - of our time. Listen to the most intimate recordings and acoustically valuable concert halls such as the Musikverein Vienna or the Berlin Philharmonic of the world.

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For more information about music, the profession of tenor, opera and classical music in general, you can visit my QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

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Questions, instructions & tips about my music and singing

What is an opera?

Opera is a musical art form. A musical work on an opera stage, such as the stage of the Vienna State Opera.

The plot refers to a libretto by a poet or an author, the content can have both political and historical origins. The texts are sung, accompanied by music. The singing is foregrounded. An orchestra takes over the part of the accompaniment.

All themes, influences and traditions can be realized in this art genre.

But opera also included dance and acting - in the form of dialogues(play opera) and the corresponding actors (if necessary).

How many musicians does an orchestra consist of?

To perform an opera , you need a musical accompaniment. In the least case, this can be a piano. An opera house usually has its own orchestra. All performances are played with this orchestra.

A large orchestra consists of up to 100 musicians. It depends on which genre, respectively which opera (operetta) is presented to the audience.

Operas by Richard Wagner require a large volume of musicians, Mozart's "Magic Flute" gets by with half the number of musicians, and baroque operas have the fewest musicians in the orchestra pit.

What art forms have their place on an opera stage?

Various art forms are artistic part of an opera house. Opera and operetta, modern opera as well as comic opera also find a place in the repertoire of a musical theater.

Developments in recent years show, for example at the Vienna State Opera, that 20th century operas have certainly found their rightful place.

Do we need more contemporary music in opera?

Yes, we need more modern music for opera. This could also be a solution to the current great disinterest in opera . It needs new confrontations with today's modern times. It needs musical confrontation!

Is a contemporary composer, modern music of interest?

An opera work by a contemporary composer is just as interesting and stimulating for the audience as a work by Giuseppe Verdi, as long as the music is in the foreground! In this particular case I take the liberty of addressing the "problematic" and obstacle of modern direction.

What is the significance of opera in today's world?

If we start from the middle of the last century, when operas by Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Strauss could still boast full houses, i.e. vast audiences, then in modern times the "arts" in general have suffered a rabid slump.

Especially the art form of opera! The reason?

  • This is certainly due to the failure to introduce young people or children to the genre of opera .

  • This is due to the elitist approach (Salzburg Festival). America is a counterexample here!

  • This is due to the digitalization and speed of the media landscape.

The operetta is just starting a pleasant revival in Vienna at the moment. Also in the German-speaking countries a recovery of the art form"operetta" is evident and therefore very pleasing.

What does the future hold for the opera genre?

Well, I am not a clairvoyant and the "philosopher's stone" has not yet been found by me. As a long-standing member of the ensemble of the Vienna State Opera, I will allow myself a prognosis.

The last two years have given a new perspective to opera through the corona pandemic. On the one hand, the entire music industry has collapsed (the reasons are available), on the other hand, this collapse of the opera is again a chance to put the old ways and needs; desires and views ad acta.

Does opera need new goals?

Opera needs new, innovative goals and ideas. History empties us that after collapses and a certain emptiness, something new has always emerged.

These innovations are enormously important for the opera.

Does opera have to reinvent itself?

Opera doesn't need to reinvent itself - just as the Vienna Philharmonic doesn't need to reinvent itself, why should it! - but opera needs new impulses.

Theater needs new impulses. Singing needs new impulses. The State Opera needs new impulses. Vienna needs new impulses.......we all need new impulses, goals and paths.

Will the opera continue as before?

Anyone who still thinks that opera will go on as before can no longer be saved - and yet there are many of this species of people who still believe and hope that it will go on as before.

Many people with an affinity for art are looking for new opportunities and will find them, especially and above all in Vienna. I am convinced of that. Vienna was and is a center of music. A center for opera and the fine arts!

What is the status of the Vienna State Opera in the world of music?

The Vienna State Opera, also called "The First House on the Ring" is, in my opinion, also the "first opera house" in the world. No opera house in the world plays (almost) every day different operas and ballet works.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, undoubtedly the best orchestra in the world, is the orchestra of the "Haus am Ring", i.e., the State Opera Orchestra. This symbiosis makes the Vienna State Opera the most important opera house of all opera houses in the world.

Since when have the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra been playing at the State Opera?

In principle, the Vienna State Opera Orchestra plays in the opera. The symbiosis of the Vienna Philharmonic Association and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra is unprecedented. According to the statutes of the association, only a member of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra can become a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and thus the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (although actually the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera) plays in the "Haus am Ring". This is unique among all opera houses.

And since when? Since the opening of the Vienna State Opera in 1869.

Who built the Vienna State Opera?

The planning of the Vienna State Opera was in the hands of August von Sicardsburg, who designed the basic plan. Eduard van der Nüll was responsible for the interior decoration.

With which work was the Vienna State Opera opened?

In the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, the Vienna State Opera was gloriously opened on May 25, 1869 with the opera "Don Giovanni" by W.A. Mozart.

Which operas are performed at the Vienna State Opera? Which repertoire?

The Vienna State Opera has the most extensive schedule of any opera house. In particular, the Vienna State Opera is known for its performances of the operas of Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .

Famous to this day is the legendary Mozart Ensemble of the Vienna State Opera.

How large is the singing ensemble of the Vienna State Opera?

The heyday of the Mozart Ensemble of the Vienna State Opera is over. With the reopening of the opera, which had been affected by the 2nd World War, in 1955 with "Fidelio" under the director and conductor Karl Böhm, the ensemble held over 100 singers.

Under director Dominique Meyer there were still 71 singers.

Director Bogdan Roščić relies primarily on purchased productions. The repertoire of the past is pushed into the background by these performances - in favor of the visitors and a new cultural policy that no longer requires an artistic, broad-based ensemble of singers.

Who was the most famous director of the Vienna State Opera?

Along with Richard Strauss and Herbert von Karajan, Gustav Mahler was certainly the most famous and important director of the Vienna State Opera.

History and the past show that first and foremost the great musicians or the great conductors were the stars of the opera.

How many seats does the State Opera in Vienna hold?

The opera offers:

  • 1700 seats

  • 560 standing room

  • 2260 seats in total

Where is the Vienna State Opera located?

The State Opera House is located in the 1st district in Vienna. It is one of the first famous Ringstrasse buildings of the Theophilus Hansen era. The "Haus am Ring" is magnificently enthroned at the beginning of the most famous street of Vienna: the Kärntnerstraße. From the State Opera, it is only a few minutes' walk to the Vienna Musikverein, Konzerthaus and Theater an der Wien.

One could say that the Vienna State Opera is the musical center of Vienna, surrounded by the most beautiful concert halls in the world. United, this musical building presence is certainly unique. Nowhere else in the world can you find such an abundance of opera houses and concert halls, where the best orchestras and conductors, singers and actors, musicians and dancers present their skills every day. Vienna is a household name for artists worldwide!

When was the first opera ball?

The Vienna Opera Ball is undoubtedly the most famous event of the Republic of Austria, together with the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Both events are broadcast and followed internationally on television, plus CD recording and DVD. More is not possible. The New Year's Concert will certainly go down in history as the super event.

  • The first Vienna Opera Ball took place in 1935.

Since then, countless visitors and politicians have stormed the stage of the State Opera in Vienna. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays at the opening. Countless stars from film and television, theater and stage honor this event from Vienna every year. A comparable counterpart to this Opera Ball can be found in New York and in Dresden. On the day before the Opera Ball, there is a children's opera on the stage of the State Opera, accompanied by the State Opera Orchestra.

Which famous tenors have sung at the Vienna State Opera?

All the tenors of the world from Caruso to Luciano Pavarotti have sung at the Vienna State Opera. Vienna is virtually the springboard for all stages in the world, but especially for tenors. A performance without a tenor is not a performance. What production can do without a tenor?

All opera houses in the world primarily hire the tenors of the Vienna State Opera. However, to start here at the State Opera and then to the big wide world? It should actually be the other way around. A small stage at the beginning, then the big stages of the world- and then the State Opera in Vienna.

Is there still the typical Viennese audience?

Marcel Prawy, the jack-of-all-trades, dramaturge, television star, opera critic and opera lover whom I hold in high esteem, was at the opera every day. Always at the same seat. All performances were attended by him. That was in the 1920s.

In my student days in the 80s (also the previous century) there was still the famous opera audience in Vienna. Especially at the standing places. Today, the performances are mainly attended only by tourists. Certainly also an advantage for Austria as a musical showcase country.


However, the opera audience in Vienna is thus a thing of the past. Even at Easter, on Maundy Thursday, "Parsifal" is at the mercy of dwindling audiences. Ten years ago, this was unthinkable. Then the opera was full of audiences from Vienna - feared for its criticism, but frenetic and grateful.

What does the future hold for the Vienna State Opera?

The battleship"Vienna State Opera" will certainly not sink in the musical tides. Nevertheless, the opera is being eyed critically. Will it succeed in maintaining the repertory theater, in performing various operas and ballet works on a daily basis?

What is a chamber singer?

Kammersänger is a professional title of the Republic of Austria and is awarded by both the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Volksoper.

The reason as follows:

  • many sung performances (a pillar of the ensemble, artistic life's work)

  • a musical representative of the Republic of Austria abroad

  • outstanding artistic achievements (large and difficult roles, many premieres)

Which operas did Herbert Lippert sing at the Vienna State Opera?

I have sung both the lyric Mozart operas and the great tenor roles in the heroic fach. Here is a small overview:

  • The Magic Flute , Tamino

  • Abduction from the Seraglio, Belmonte

  • Don Giovanni, Don Ottavio

  • Capriccio, Flamand

  • Arabella, Matteo

  • Ariadne auf Naxos, Bacchus

  • Cardillac, officer

  • Khovanshchina, Golytsin

  • Peter Grimes, Peter Grimes

  • The dead city, Paul

  • The Flying Dutchman, Erik

  • Lohengrin, Lohengrin

  • Das Rheingold, Lodge

  • The Bat, Gabriel von Eisenstein

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