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The painting and the change to the Universalartist

For many years I was dominated by singing, the enthusiasm for opera, the stress of the many performances. But also my second talent, painting, pushed again and again into the foreground.


With Dominique Meyer, the director of the Vienna State Opera, I was able to present my symbiosis of music and painting to a large audience for the first time in the fitting setting of the Gustav Mahler Hall. To sing the "Winterreise" by Franz Schubert and to show 24 paintings - oil on canvas - to go with it: The Universalartist Herbert Lippert was born.


With 160,000 visitors, this exhibition was a media event and an incredible success. I was the first painter in the 125-year history of the Vienna State Opera to be allowed to show my pictures to the astonished public.


Two more exhibitions at the Vienna State Opera followed:

"3 x Mahler", in which songs by Gustav Mahler were interpreted in 14 large-format paintings (oil on canvas) and "Blickwinkel Oper - Ära Dominique Meyer", my universal balance sheet of the time we spent together, also presented in large format in oil in the Gustav Mahler Hall. A total of 500,000 visitors came, who were able to engage intensively and enthusiastically with this symbiosis of song and painting.

Exhibitions followed in Innsbruck as part of the Austrian Music Theater Prize at Haus der Musik, in Steyr at Lamberg Castle, as part of the Steyr Music Festival, and a major exhibition as part of the Upper Austrian State Exhibition.

Herbert Lippert as Wiener Sängerknabe 1970
Herbert Lippert as Wiener Sängerknabe 1972

The Beginnings

Herbert Lippert with Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Herbert Lippert and Riccardo Muti at the Vienna Musikverein with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

The great


Herbert Lippert exhibition Vöcklabruck 1982
Herbert Lippert Abitur musical pedagogical Realgymnasium School 
 Geswhin Rhapsody

Tenor & Painter Training

Herbert Lippert Cardillac Officer Vienna State Opera
Herbert Lippert - Eisenstein -Fledermaus - Mozart - Vienna State Opera

The time of change

Herbert Lippert David Meistersinger von Nürnberg Royal Opera House Covent Garden London
Herbert Lippert- Intermezzo Richard Strauss - Baron Lummer -Grande Theatre de Geneve - Switzerland

The first


Herbert Lippert OMIA Operetta Made In Austria Wiener Stadthalle
Herbert Lippert with Marcel Prawy Operetta Feast with Champagne and Joy

The Operetta

Herbert Lippert Alfred Fledermaus Mozart Vienna State Opera 1994
Herbert Lippert Tamino Magic Flute Mozart Royal Opera House Covent Garden London 1995

The Mozarttenor

Herbert Lippert Exhibition 3xMahler Gustav Mahlersaal Vienna State Opera House
Herbert Lippert with Placido Domingo at the exhibition in Salzburg "International Artfair

Development to the Universalartist

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