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Single images
Gallery - Oil on sheet

For questions contact me or go to my Store.

Help and explanation about the virtual gallery:

  • You can move with the mouse, cursors or fingers (mobile & touch screen)

  • For detail information click the picture directly, you will get more information

  • You can also be guided through the gallery via a tour. Click on the "three lines" in the upper right corner and click Start Tour - or you start right from the beginning with the tour - click on "Start Guided Tour".

  • You can also contact me directly from the gallery to the respective image

  • Prices can be found for oil sheets and watercolors. For oil paintings please contact me

  • Have fun in my virtual galleries

You can find the following images in the gallery - Single images - Oil on sheet:

  • Erlking 1

  • Erlking 2

  • Erlking 3

  • Elegy

  • Bat 1

  • Bat 2

  • Bat 3

  • Dead city

  • Cardillac

  • Beautiful miller

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