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Universal artist Herbert Lippert portrait with his Gramma Award prize - logo and entrance picture




The symbiosis of singing and painting has opened new creative vistas for me that are mutually stimulating. Singing songs and arias and depicting this music in colours on canvas fills me with immense joy, and it is certainly unique at the moment.


Herbert Lippert - painter, opera singer, chamber singer,

Grammy Award Winner, Universal Artist

01 The artist
Universal artist Herbert Lippert portrait with his Grammy Award prize

Sound and image. From one hand. In one person. Herbert Lippert, Universalartist, Opera singer and Painter, Grammy Award winner and Kammersänger of the Vienna State Opera, Upper Austrian and former soloist of the Vienna Boys' Choir.

I have had the privilege of making over 300 recordings in the classical sector - with the world's most famous conductors and most renowned orchestras. As a long-time ensemble member of the Vienna State Opera the great tenor roles of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss have been the focus of my singing. In particular, however, the composers of the 20th century such as Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Paul Hindemith or Benjamin Britten, because this music stirs me up and touches me at the same time. A challenge!

The visual arts - the application of colors to painting surfaces - arouse equivalent euphoric feelings as the performing arts.

The merging of music and singing and painting is, however, an overwhelming, sensational experience. In the ingenious combination of concert and exhibition, this symbiosis became the joint greatest success of the Vienna State Opera and myself.


As the first painter in the 150-year history of the Vienna State Opera I was allowed to present fine art to the public and further to inspire an incredible 160,000 visitors per exhibition.

Visit my watercolor and oil painting galleries and browse my oil on canvas, oil on sheet and watercolor on paper virtual galleries.

Painter Herbert Lippert portrait in front of one of his oil on canvas paintings - Cardillac 3

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Tenor Herbert Lippert during an opera performance at the Vienna State Opera House

Equally at home in two artistic professions, I have managed to realize my talent not only on stage but also on canvas as a painter. And so I am allowed to conquer and inspire the hearts of the audience not only in the musical theater as a passionate singer, but also as an obsessed painter conquer and inspire.

Songs from Franz Schubert to Gustav Mahler as well as contemporary composers like Rainer Bischof, operas from Richard Wagner to Johannes Maria Staud are painted in significant, unique and unmistakable post-figural impressionistic style in the oil painting and watercolor on canvas and paper.

02 The art

The joy of singing

There are probably few things that can fill me with happiness in such a simple way, that are so present, and have such a great impact on my life as the music as Tenor and Opera singer. Music strikes deep into the innermost. Music perfectly masters the keyboard of emotions. It lifts the spirit to spiritual heights or makes it forget all reason and restraint. Seen in this way, music exerts a tremendous power - in my thinking and feeling.

"Something that cannot be described,

that can only be felt – that is music!"

A reflection of the soul, the most emotional and personal form of expression of humanity is, of course, singing. My joy and sadness, kindness and wrath, energy or lack thereof, melancholy and bliss – evoked by the most difficult "musical instrument" in the world – my voice. It shapes from birth.

The fascination of digital painting has also found a significant place in my artistic life. The fusion of physical and digital elements with the help of the latest technology becomes modern and innovative art.

The history of art has always been influenced by countless developments in technique and technology. From the first paints made from rock pigments to modern digital techniques, innovation has been the name of the game. Anyway, just jump in the deep end, this is the place to be.

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Oil on canvas, Oil on sheet, Watercolors

04 Events

It is again a great pleasure to travel and perform in front of audiences, to plan and create exhibitions. Trying to redefine the visual and performing arts again and create in succession invigorates the artistic senses.

Innovation and perseverance are the buzzwords of the future.

You can find all the information on the event page.

05 Cotact
Herbert Lippert - Logo - Universal Artist
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